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Adventure Oregon: 5 Amazing Spots to Explore This Fall

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

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As summer winds down and it’s back to reality for most of us, it’s easy to catch a case of the “Back to School Blues”. However, this certainly doesn’t have to happen if you take an adventurous mindset with you into the breezy season. Whether you are in the United States or the rest of the world, there’s a cornucopia of fall activities and exploration opportunities to be found. Oregon, unofficially nicknamed “The Beaver State” is no exception. It’s abundant greenery, rich history, and proximity to the majestic Pacific Ocean make it a prime getaway spot even in autumn.

Keep reading for an exclusive Eclipse guide to the gems of Oregon that will surely delight adults, children and any daring adventurer regardless of age.

Shanghai Tunnels, Portland

Of course, no Oregon-themed discussion would be complete without the obligatory Portland mention. This recently glorified (by way of Portlandia) hipster outpost has a long history of being one of the most notorious cities in the world. The “Forbidden City of The West”, as it has been nicknamed, has an aura of mystery around it which can be found at such spots as the Shanghai Tunnels. Adventurers in the mood for sordid tales of illicit opium use, kidnapping, bootlegging and other vices can visit the tunnels and still see plenty evidence of debauched days long gone by.

Terwilliger Hot Springs, Blue River

If you’re wanting some well deserved down-time from all the craziness of the summer, you may want to trek up to the Terwilliger Hot Springs for some R’n’R. Located in the middle of one of the lushest forests in the Northern hemisphere, Terwilliger boasts a hot spring that flows into five separate cascading pools. Described by locals as “exotic”, “supernatural”, and guarded by those that understand its value, these hot springs evoke feelings of prehistory, with vivid scenes that we’ve only witnessed in movies.

Devil’s Staircase Wilderness

In stark contrast to the above-mentioned hot springs, those that feel like a bit of a challenge may find the hike up to the Devil’s Staircase Wilderness which lies between the Smith and Umpqua rivers to be just their speed. Certainly not for the faint of heart, this adventure into the heart of the Oregon forest country is an impressive jaunt into nearly untouched territory. The pristine forest that surrounds the Devil’s Staircase waterfall is often times impossible to traverse, and it is said that the waterfall takes almost a day to find.
Lava River Cave, Bend

The Lava River Cave in gorgeous Bend, Oregon is another must-see destination on your autumnal adventure. More along the lines of the Devil’s Staircase, this hidden gem is a destination that requires a bit more of an exploratory spirit, and ample supplies. Hike the 1.5 mile lava tube and its countless twists and turns, but be sure to bring warm clothing, hiking shoes, supplies and a light source when you venture into the wonders of the cave. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the incredible surroundings of the Lava River Cave, and definitely make sure to take lots of pictures using your flash!

The Wreck of the Mary D. Hume, Gold Beach

Shipwreck enthusiasts and history buffs will truly enjoy this relic of Pacific Ocean seafaring. The Wreck of the Mary D. Hume, in Gold Beach serves as a monument to one of the longest serving vessels on the Pacific coastline. Logging 97 years of service both on the coast and in the ocean, the Mary D. Hume (built by Mr. R.D. Hume of Astoria, Oregon and named after his wife) is now scuttled just a few hundred feet from where it was built a century ago. For many years it brought goods back and forth from Oregon to San Francisco, and if those old wooden planks could talk, we bet they would recount many a wondrous tale of the sea.

We hope you take Eclipse with you on your adventures, wherever they may be – Keep following our blog for more exclusive tips to make your world more vibrant!


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